Kiarie Kinnie
Kiarie Kinnie
Kiarie graduated from the University of Alabama in 2019 and currently works at the University of Alabama-Birmingham hospital in the trauma burn center.  Kiarie's story is one that will inspire any person to never give up in your path to success.  Kiarie was able to buy a home in 2019 one year out of college and provide her son, Karson, with the tools to follow in her path.

Kiarie was a first-generation college student and the third oldest of eight children.  She grew up living in three different households-her mom's, dad's and grandmother's.

"It was a family effort", she said.  "Whoever was the most stable at the time I lived with, spending a few years with each.  They really did the best they could in the situation that they were in."  

"It build me up to know what I needed to do to not put Karson or any future children in the same situation."

Kiari got pregnant with Karson her freshman year at University of Alabama and had her son, Karson, during the winter break returning shortly thereafter to pursue her dreams.  Since then she has been a full-time mom, full-time student and full-time waitress/cook at the Waffle House.  Kiari credits the arrival of Karson as her motivation to succeed both in school and life.  "I had to stand out for Karson and give him someone to look up to.  My mentality was I am not responsible for myself anymore and have someone else's life in my hands."

Kiari balanced school, work and raising Karson and still was able to make the President's List nearly every semester while at University of Alabama.  

We are extremely proud of Kiari's accomplishments both at University of Alabama and in life and she has made us proud at the Ingram Lee Foundation.
Kiarie Kinnie